Why Do You Need a Blogging Guide

If you want to make money online and you don’t have enough money to own a website, then you should start with a blog. Many have been earning a living with blog when it was introduced.

But with the high frequency of blogs setting up everyday, how can you be sure that you can make money with blog?

The first thing you need is to invest in a blogging guide.

Why do you need a guide you ask?

For starter, having a guide helps you to stay ahead of the competition. You gain an upper hand against the bloggers who refuse to invest in a guide. A lot of blogging newbie thought they can figure the business out on their own. But by the time they knew what is the right way to make money with blog, bloggers who invested in a guide might already be earning their money in sleep.

Some of you might argue that you can use a free guide instead of paying for it.

In my personal opinion, free guide often act as a teaser for back-end products. It is not to say that authors are cheating you with free guide. But the information about successful blogging found in free blogging guide is usually limited.

A proper blogging guide is going to show you how to build a successful blog. Building a blog is as sophisticated as building a website. Everything you choose is going to impact your readers.

To start off with that, a guide is going to tell you which platform you should choose for your blog. Then, it will analyze with you the advantages and disadvantages of hosting your blog or just get one for free.

Never think that you can just simply choose a template and start posting with it. You need to take into account of your readers to build a successful blog. Do you know that readers are more likely to click on advertisements on their right hand side than their left? A blogging guide will tell you more about the things that you need to pay attention to when you want to make money with blog.

After that, a proper blogging guide is going to let you know how to promote your blog. It will show you the ways to submit your blog to RSS feeds, directories, blogging communities and more. All of this is going to generate lots of traffic to your blog and help you to build a successful blog.