Super Blogging Guide

It is so crazy how in 2009 blogging is still all the rage. It has never been easier to start your own blog and make a great deal of money from it. All you need is an accurate blogging guide to point you in the right direction. So I’ve written this 5 step article to jumpstart your blogging career. With proven methods and techniques you will be on your way to blogging success in no time.

Step 1 – Choose a topic to write about

Before you start blogging you will want to choose a topic that you feel comfortable blogging about. This can be a topic that you have some particular knowledge in or maybe a topic that you are really passionate about. Whatever it is make sure it is something you can blog about without getting disinterested.

Step 2 – Promote a product related to your topic

This blogging guide is also about making money. You will want to monetize your blog so you can earn some decent money for the efforts you put in to your blog. You can find products to sell at all the different affiliate programs you can on the internet. Make sure it is related to the topic of you write about so your readers will be interested in it.

Step 3 – Supply your blog with awesome content

Content is king on the internet and you will want to supply that content to your readers. Take a look at what the other top bloggers in your topic are blogging about and try to provide similar information. You should strive to make it interesting and entertaining for those who come to visit. Try to post to your blog every other day or so.

Step 4 – Pulling in traffic

You will need to dedicate your efforts to driving as much targeted traffic to your blog. The more people who come to visit the more popular you will grow. That also means the more people who to visit the more money you make from your products. You can drive traffic to your site by commenting on other blogs relevant to yours, marketing your articles in article directories, socializing with communities and groups relating to your blog, and optimizing you blog for search engines.

There are many ways to drive traffic. You should choose a strategy you’re comfortable with and dedicate your time to doing that effectively.

Step 5 – Sit back and relax or Start a new venture

Once your blog has grown in popularity you can enjoy the rewards of your hard work by sitting back relaxing know that you’re making money. You will want to continue to make post and comment, but you don’t have to do it as much as you did in the beginning.