Secrets That Most Blogging Guides Never Tell You

Sometimes Most Blogging Guides Are Mediocre

Now, before we get into more details about those 2 secrets let me make a comment here. Most blogging guides are at best, very mediocre. Why so?

Mainly because the advancement of technology and cheap Internet connection has leveled the playing field for the little guys like you and me. I’m just here to help you become aware of the situation before you choose your own resources to depend on .

Secret 1: Too Many Proofs Will Make You A Buyer

Let me make this very clear and do keep an open mind as you read this. Absorb everything here into your mind like sponge and you will know what I mean.

You see those websites out there who post lots and lots of snapshots of beautiful graphics? Yeah, you know why some blogging guides sales pages are made this way? Simple. Its because the content isn’t that great. Save your money.

Secret 2: Lots Of Testimonials Mean Nothing, Look At The Customers

Right this is nothing new but neither is the hype you see online. We don’t want to know how many ‘raving testimonials’ there are. Its easy to get them.

Blogging guides ebook owners just need to give a free copy to some big time marketers to get their word. You can verify if the product guide itself is really good by judging how many people are promoting or have bought it.

Hope Its Not Too Deep For You

I really hope this isn’t too difficult to understand for you but here is my last tip. Before you go ahead and buy or invest in any blogging guides out there, do your own due diligence. Read a few good reviews about it and then you will know what to do next.

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