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Blog Your Way to Retail Success

I write this article as a blogger with six years experience. In that time I have published more than 12,000 blog posts and contributed a further 4,000 comments in response to these blog posts.

While blogging itself is now older technology it remains a useful tool for retailers wanting to find their voice online and locally. A good blog can help the business focus attention internally and externally.

Here are some basic guidelines for businesses commencing blogging for the first time.

Have something to say. Don’t type for the sake of typing for if you do people will not come back. Add value with each post you publish. Speak your truth. Write in an accessible way. Be personal.

Write as if you were writing a story for a local newspaper. Offer perspective on the topic and draw on your own authority the bring credibility to the blog post.

Before you start blogging, make a commitment. Many people jump into blogging and quickly stop. Decide before you start whether you have the stamina for regular blogging, whether you have enough to say and the commitment to write in a way which is necessary for the blog to be found by the search engines.

Be prepared for dialogue. Each blog post is the opening comments in a conversation. Invite comments and engage with those who post comments in response to your blog posts. Be prepared for criticism, embrace this as an opportunity to test your own views. Comments are an important part of the rich blogging experience.

Blog as therapy. If you are working through a complex issue, be open about it on your blog. The writing process could help. Comments from others could help too. My own experience is that blogging has helped discover solutions to many challenges.

Avoid overt marketing. Blog posts which are no more that puffery will be seen by readers as that. This is where the first point (above) is so vital. Do have something to say, something of genuine value. There are many retail businesses which use blogs to republish press releases. These create noise and not much else.

Once your blog is live and if you get the technology right, it becomes indexed by the search engines and this opens a new world of opportunity for you. Soon, you could find people ringing and emailing from all over the place looking for what you are writing about.

Your WordPress Wedding Photography

Designing a wedding photography blog site possibly to showcase your photography gallery or to promote your small business on the web is a fantastic strategy to drive free targeted traffic.

You have heard from friends or have seen other sites related to your niche on Google which have great reviews and also are ranked high on the search engines.You ask how can I get started running my own blog site to achieve the success I’m looking for?

In this post we will guide you how to get started writing a blog and how to make it successful. The aim of a blog site of course is to drive traffic but also gain credibility within your expertise to increase your subscribers following you. This method is great for keeping your readers up to date with the content from your blog site.

Tips to Blog Writing Successfully!

Select Your Specialised Niche

As soon as you have chosen your area of interest which in turn you feel have got some thing to provide, start writing unique content material which is simple and straight to the point. Ensure you write simple posts that are clear and direct to the point. Avoid getting your viewers confused as they will leave your site quickly.

Deep Linking and Link To Other Related Websites

Generate deep links inside your post and hyperlink to websites that are related to the theme and context of your blog site. Keep your content related to your niche. If you blog site is about wedding photography then stick to the topic or related topics.

Short and Sweet

Short articles from 250-450 words is sufficient and should attract the viewer to the go through the post. You want these people coming back! Make the posts interesting and state your viewpoint.

Intriguing and Eye Catching Headlines

First impressions count so obtaining a fantastic title that will grab the readers will ensure your weblog gets read and subscribed. You want followers reading your blog posts! Bulleting and Structure Structure your weblog therefore it’s simple to read. Make use of bullets or numbering and make use of sentences.

Remain on the Theme

In the event that you are blogging about how to shoot digital wedding photography or how to increase your SEO rankings then stay on the point and categorise your subjects. Creating the web experience simple for the readers is the only route you should adhere to.


Whenever you start marketing and advertising and blogging your business, the number one point to keep in mind is what keywords you are campaigning for. Keywords should be positioned in the title of your article and at random throughout the blog. Avoid spamming!

Avoid Spelling Mistakes

Proof your posts and eliminate spelling errors and of course punctuation faults.

How to Make Money With Your Blog

When you talk about blogging do you think of yourself? Some people, maybe including you, might find the idea daunting! While most people enjoy reading blogs, there are few people who think they can become bloggers themselves. Don’t think that again, you too can run your very own prosperous blog!

One thing that discourages someone from blogging is the fact that you must write. If you feel the same way then getting started can be extremely difficult. The good news is that you don’t have to be Mark Twain to write good content. People care more about what you say rather than how you say it.

It also helps that content is generally expected to be short and to the point on the web. People are so busy these days that breaking your text into small paragraphs and bullet points is ideal. This makes things easier on you and your readers.

Another hang-up you might have is that you don’t consider yourself to be an expert on any one topic. Once again, you can easily master this. The way that individuals go from being in the dark to being an expert is by researching! Research your topic and start writing about it and you’ll be an expert soon enough.

Now that you know you CAN start your own blog, it’s helpful to know how you can cash in.! People are always looking for information on the internet. There are also always people who are buying things online. You’re going to attract people with the things you write, and set your blog up so that you can entice them to buy things they are interested in. It’s a great way to make money!

Your first step needs to be picking a subject that will be a good money-maker for you. Look to see if there are ads and products readily available. You should also try to narrow your topic down so it’s easier for people to find you. For example, instead of “weight loss” you might write about “weight loss for first time moms.” Narrowing things down is helpful for you and your blog visitors!

After you’ve chosen your topic you will:

  • Find a domain name Get hosting
  • Do Keyword research
  • Write Content
  • Monetize

That’s a very simplified version of the steps you’re going to take, but that’s all there really is to it! Blogging is something that does take some time and effort, but it’s also something that anyone can do. You can cut down your learning time a lot by looking to the blogging experts to learn their exact process. You can then take the things you learn from them and go from there.

6 Steps to Start a Blog the Right Way

If you are new to blogging, you need to do a bit of research before you start your first blog to make sure you don’t make the common mistakes made by most bloggers when they are new to blogging. Here are the 6 steps of basic outline that you need to do when starting a blog.

Step 1: Pick blog’s topic

What is your blog about? You can either choose to write on multiple topics or focus on particular topic, each has its pro and con. Writing on multiple topics enabled you to attract wider range of readers, but you may upset some readers each time you change topic. On the other hand, if you focus on a particular topic, you may attract particular interest group who found you because of a specific topic you were writing about.

If you are blogging for fun, then writing on multiple topics does not really matter because you are doing it for fun. However, if you are writing for the purpose of driving traffic for a business, then your blog posts should be more focus on topics that are related to your business so that you can drive more targeted web traffic to boost the business.

Step 2: Pick a blogging system

After picking a topic, the next step is figuring out what blogging system best suit you. There are many blogging systems available which you can use to start a blog, among them are: Blogger owned by Google, WordPress, TypePad, Drupal. Each blogging system has it features that can benefit you, you should do some research to find the one that best suit your personality.

Step 3: Select a domain name

Although you can use the free blog URL, but if you are planning to drive serious web traffic, then buying a right domain name is essential. You should put some efforts in finding a right domain name for your blog because it makes different when comes to the search engine optimization. Good domain name should integrate with your main targeted keywords so that it is search-engine friendly.

Step 4: Pick a template for your blog

The outlook of your blog is important to give a good first impression for new visitors and get them to revisit your blog in the future. If you are driving traffic to a money-making website, then the blog template you choose should match the look of your website in term of colors and fonts. You can either choose a designer to custom-made the template, or get a ready-made professional template that is available at a fraction cost or even free.

Step 5: Set up to be search engine friendly

Most of internet surfers land on a page through search engines. Besides getting traffic from paid advertising and links from other sites, you don’t want to waste the potential free traffic from search engines. Hence, you should make your blog to be as search-engine friendly as possible. Blog title, post title, image tags are among the key areas you need to focus on and integrate the major keywords into these areas so that you can get good search position on your targeted keywords. In addition, when writing blog posts you should using the keyword or keyword phrase you want to rank for at least 5 to 10 times throughout the blog post.

Step 6: Getting backlinks

Backlinks or incoming links from other website/blog to a blog is an important factor that determines the blog search engine positioning. Hence, once you have your blog set up, the next important thing you should do is getting as many backlinks as possible from other blogs or websites. There are many ways to get other websites to link to your blog, among them are: article submissions to article directories, writing comments at other people’s blog, ask questions on websites such as Yahoo Answer, getting links from social networking sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter & MySpace.


There are the 6 steps of basic outline that you need to do when starting a blog. Following these steps help to get your blog to a success level faster by avoiding the common mistakes made by most bloggers.

Blogging Guide

OK first off, I’m not the brightest bulb on the tree, in fact at one point I thought a blog was found in the middle of a swamp in some far off land. So not only am I a little slow, and slightly behind the times, but once I found out what a blog was, even I was interested.

With all the tech stuff out the way, at its basic a blog is the greatest communication tool online, where you, yes you get the opportunity to share your opinions, thoughts, hobbies with a worldwide audience. OK at first it might not be worldwide, in fact it may only be a family member checking on the browsing history, but give it time and patients and you could end up with a blog being viewed all over the world.

“What Do You Blog About?”

This is simple most of the time, all you have to do is answer this question…

“What are you passionate about?”

Now put the two questions together and you have a blog idea to write about, now, as I said before most of the time this is a great way to find a subject to blog about, but what if you are passionate about a subject nobody else is?, well first things first you should just make sue this is the case, try searching on Google for other blogs related to your subject, if you struggle to find any, then you might want to find another subject to write about.

But if you really are passionate about a subject, then you should just give it a go anyway, who knows how many people you can find with the same passions as you, maybe you are the only one with a great idea to start up a blog for that subject?, it could be a goldmine!

I’m not going to get into the tech part of how to set up a blog, but that also is not as hard as you may think, their are several automated programs that will set a blog up for you in no time, and usually at minimum cost, all you need to do is buy a domain name, hopefully you can relate that domain name to your subject in some way, which will help allot with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Some of the automated blog programs will also take care of that for you too.

Now you have your blog set up what do you do? That’s easy, you write about your subject, a blog is basically a online diary, but you can use a blog in so many other ways, you can even sell things on one, or even better sell products that relate to your subject, you could even use your blog to review related products, then once a visitor buys that item, you could even make a commission from it.

Blogging is all about connecting with others through the passion you all share, not only can you get a huge amount of traffic from writing a blog, but you get to make friends all over the world that you would have never even known about before your blog, it really does connect you to all kinds of new opportunities that just sitting on a couch watching TV would never have brought you to.

I hate writing most of the time!, but when you find yourself writing about things you enjoy it just comes naturally to you, even if you get stuck for ideas, just open up a new page and start to write something, pretty much 95% of the time it turns into a new full blog post!, magic.

One a last note before I leave you to create your own blog, if you worry about your spelling, don’t, I am awful at spelling, but that’s where Mr Spellcheck comes in handy, and after all when I make mistakes in blog posts, and usually that’s most of the time, people accept that you are only human just like them, and let it fly, sometimes they even point it out to guide you to the correction needed, or in my case they understand its only because im so passionate about what I write I get carried away!, sure!, at least that’s what I tell them;).

A Simple 6-Step Blogging Guide

Are you thinking about promoting your information business through blogging? Then, let me tell you that you’ve made a wise decision as this is currently one of the most trusted content marketing solutions. Here’s a simple guide to help you get started right away.

First step is to decide on the blog platform that you’re going to use. Currently, there are several paid and free platforms available in the online arena. These include blogspot, WordPress, Drupal, Typepad, etc. Each platform has unique features and benefits. I suggest that you research them thoroughly and decide which one addresses your blogging needs. As much as possible, I would recommend the use of paid platforms as your access won’t be limited.

Next step is to select a domain name. You really need to think this through. You can’t just go with the first word or phrase that comes through your head. For best results, use something that is keyword-rich, highly descriptive, and easy to remember. Identify the buzzwords that are extremely popular in your niche and mix match them. If the one you’ve chosen has already been taken, see if the domain name is for sale and buy it. Believe me, it’s worth it.

Blog design. Next step is to design your own blog. This is much easier now that templates are already available on all platforms. But if you want your blog to look different and refreshingly unique, I’d say do not use these templates instead, use those step-by-step blog design guides available in the online arena. If you think that the job is too big for you, hire a blog designer to do the job. The important thing is here making your blog look extremely attractive, organized, and easy to navigate.

Widgets and plug-ins. Use your blog so your visitors can easily find your website, Facebook account, Twitter, etc. Install simple plug-ins where your visitors can easily find them. Then, subscribe to RSS related to your blog and links to related blogs. It is through this that you can make your blog a great source of valuable information which you exactly need to make it more enticing to visit.

Quality content. This is the most important step as your success will largely depend on the quality of your blog’s content. Each time you write, think of your readers and focus on how you can give them real value. Discuss their problems and using your in-depth knowledge, provide the most appropriate solutions. You can also list down their most frequent questions and provide the best answers. Ensure that your content is not only informative but entertaining and well-written too to give your visitors great reading and learning experience.

Enable conversation. Allow your visitors to post comments on each post that you create and make time to answer them so you can start conversation with these people. This is the first time to building relationship with them which can very well lead to a healthy business relationship. Use tools that can help you filter spam from legitimate questions.

Free Blogging Guide

Blogging is one of the easiest ways to make money online. Everyone who has a little passion of writing articles can start blogging for money. Setting up and running cost of a blog is also very cheap and affordable for everyone. Working a few hours on your blog can give you more money than your full-time day job.

So, here are 3 steps to make money from blogging:

Make Money From Blogging Step 1.

  • Select a topic in which you have big interest. You must have good knowledge in this topic, because you have to write plenty of articles on it.
  • Once you select a topic, you need to know its competition and demand on Google AdWord Keyword Tool. Put some word phrases of your chosen topic on this keyword tool and take a search. Pick up some keywords which are less competitive and have at least 1000 global monthly searches.
  • It would be better to pick up at least 30 low competitive keywords.
  • Now, it is time to write a few articles considering those keywords.
  • Once you write at least 10 articles, you need to set up a blog with or
  • Your Blog url should be short, descriptive and related to your chosen topic.

Make Money From Blogging Step 2.

  • Publish your articles on your blog. Thereafter, post 2 articles daily on your blog straight 2 weeks.
  • Once your blog has 30 – 40 posts, you should apply for Google AdSense. Also, join other ad networks like ‘Text Link Ads’, ‘Bidvertiser’, ‘Kontera’, ‘Chitika’ etc.
  • If you join the sites listed above, you will get codes of ads. Place these ad codes on the top of the blog and the corners.
  • The color of ads should be match with the background of the blog.

Make Money From Blogging Step 3.

  • It is the final part, now you need to bring visitors on your blog.
  • Optimize your blog for search engines and get traffic from those.
  • Go to and submit your blog. It will submit your blog to dozens of search engines.
  • Keep writing and posting articles on your blog.
  • Use keyword frequently while writing articles. It will attract search engine spiders.
  • Submit your articles to lots of article directories and get instant traffic on your blog.

It is a brief guide on how to make money from blogging. But, to do all of these effectively, you need a good eBook on blogging that guide you on every steps.

Blogging Guide Made Very Simple

Blogs aren’t just for informing your far flung family members about your latest trip anymore, they are used increasingly more in order to push highly targeted internet site visitors in your website with the intent of making a sale. The reason blogs are becoming the mainstream for internet marketers is born in large part to the way search engines work, for that reason you must have some basic understandings of the particulars of running a blog, and that is where this blogging guide will help.

I discussed search engines and exactly how they are the driving force driving the ever increasing popularity of blogs as a business enterprise internet site, some tips about what I am talking about. All search engines adore to offer their potential customers, anybody that uses that search engine to locate things online, quality outcomes. Very regularly quality results and fresh content work together. For this reason the search engines really enjoy new content material. When you place up a ‘regular’ static website the information doesn’t alter often… if ever. Using a blog, conversely, the information shifts regularly which keeps that site fresh which keeps the various search engines content and they will reward the blog operator by giving them a higher page rank.

When your blog receives a high page ranking you will get lots of complimentary, targeted prospects which is the specific game. There is something that all online marketers have in common, they all require a continuous supply of targeted visitors to their website. Any tool or method which will help a website owner get more traffic, specifically for free, is really a welcome inclusion.

The next thing you need to bear in mind while beginning your blog post is that if you need to build a small business around it you need to be prepared to commit a bit of money. You don’t wish to stick with the free WordPress or Blogger platforms since you do not really own anything. When you buy your personal domain name (for approximately $10) and you have that domain hosted (around $10/month) you will really own that small piece of world-wide-web real-estate. You are capable of doing whatever you desire using your domain, not to mention sell it off.

Make sure that you consider exactly what the subject of one’s blog is going to be, this is really important if you are considering earning money using your blog. Mindful range of the sub-market you’re going to construct your business in is something which is just too frequently neglected. When you take some time to choose an excellent niche market, your other business constructing is going to be much simpler. Selecting the proper niche is approximately 90% of the fight.

Making use of the details in this blogging guide can really help you set off on your new blogging career on the right foot. You need to be willing to invest some time to understand fresh principles, next apply what you have learned, and you’ll be amazed at how much cash you can make on the internet, and just how much fun you could have making it. Good luck!

Is This Making Money With Blogs Guide a Scam

Can you really start making with money with blogs with the Blogger’s Paycheck guide? Blogging has always been a great method for businesses to get traffic to their websites and also for people to write about their personal lives, but many ordinary people are discovering that they can make good money with blogs too.

1. Blogger’s Paycheck Review

But how is that possible? I started learning about blogging for money with an online guide that I read called Blogger’s Paycheck by John Yeo, and is still the best resource I refer to even though I have also read through many other “make money with blogging” guides. That is because this guide is written in the most easy-to-follow fashion, broken down into easy to follow steps that are very suitable for beginners.

2. What I Learned Inside The Blogger’s Paycheck Guide

I have learned the many aspects required to become a successful blogger who makes money consistently. The 2 main aspects that need to be right all the time are the content materials on the blog and the amount of traffic that the blog receives. The speed of blog creation is important too, and John Yeo provides a method that anyone can use to generate blogs at lightning fast speeds.

The most precious part of the guide is, in my opinion, where John discusses how to drive free traffic to your site. One of the big sources is from search engines, and the ranking strategies like back linking have been really powerful and instrumental for my online success today.

3. Is The Blogger’s Paycheck Guide Worth Buying?

For anyone who wishes to earn an extra income from the internet with blogs, I would say that this guide is a resource that would be really useful. It has covered almost every aspect of blogging for profits from niche selection, blog creation to blog monetization.

Know the Important Blogging Guides

Blogging is the best way you can do to promote your products and services without spending much for the set up of your web page. It may sound easy, yet, you have to conduct research and observe blogging guides before publishing your blogs for the people. Most people think that they can actually talk anything under the sun and post anything they want to. It does not happen that way. Everything should have a value and we have our own reason for writing it.

When you want to become popular in the internet, you have to choose a topic that you are knowledgeable at. You have to make sure that you are capable of writing blogs on the topic you are expert at. You have to focus on a certain topic if you want to draw readers to be on your side. Once you changed your topics, you might disappoint some of your readers. If your purpose is merely for fun, then writing blogs on different topic is perfectly okay.

There are different blogging systems that you can avail it without any cost at all. Among the most popular ones are WordPress, TypePad and Drupal. When you plan to use blogging to drive traffic to your site, you have to make sure that you include your domain name to bring your clients on the right landing page. Good keywords in blogging are also essential. You should know how to search for relevant keywords useful in your web page.

One of the most important blogging guides is the grammar and information in your blogs. You need to write in a manner that is easy to understand and people can comprehend with it easily. Avoid the use of high-faluting words because some readers may not understand it. Keep in mind that bloggers should understand by heart all the important blogging guides.