Blogging Guide

OK first off, I’m not the brightest bulb on the tree, in fact at one point I thought a blog was found in the middle of a swamp in some far off land. So not only am I a little slow, and slightly behind the times, but once I found out what a blog was, even I was interested.

With all the tech stuff out the way, at its basic a blog is the greatest communication tool online, where you, yes you get the opportunity to share your opinions, thoughts, hobbies with a worldwide audience. OK at first it might not be worldwide, in fact it may only be a family member checking on the browsing history, but give it time and patients and you could end up with a blog being viewed all over the world.

“What Do You Blog About?”

This is simple most of the time, all you have to do is answer this question…

“What are you passionate about?”

Now put the two questions together and you have a blog idea to write about, now, as I said before most of the time this is a great way to find a subject to blog about, but what if you are passionate about a subject nobody else is?, well first things first you should just make sue this is the case, try searching on Google for other blogs related to your subject, if you struggle to find any, then you might want to find another subject to write about.

But if you really are passionate about a subject, then you should just give it a go anyway, who knows how many people you can find with the same passions as you, maybe you are the only one with a great idea to start up a blog for that subject?, it could be a goldmine!

I’m not going to get into the tech part of how to set up a blog, but that also is not as hard as you may think, their are several automated programs that will set a blog up for you in no time, and usually at minimum cost, all you need to do is buy a domain name, hopefully you can relate that domain name to your subject in some way, which will help allot with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Some of the automated blog programs will also take care of that for you too.

Now you have your blog set up what do you do? That’s easy, you write about your subject, a blog is basically a online diary, but you can use a blog in so many other ways, you can even sell things on one, or even better sell products that relate to your subject, you could even use your blog to review related products, then once a visitor buys that item, you could even make a commission from it.

Blogging is all about connecting with others through the passion you all share, not only can you get a huge amount of traffic from writing a blog, but you get to make friends all over the world that you would have never even known about before your blog, it really does connect you to all kinds of new opportunities that just sitting on a couch watching TV would never have brought you to.

I hate writing most of the time!, but when you find yourself writing about things you enjoy it just comes naturally to you, even if you get stuck for ideas, just open up a new page and start to write something, pretty much 95% of the time it turns into a new full blog post!, magic.

One a last note before I leave you to create your own blog, if you worry about your spelling, don’t, I am awful at spelling, but that’s where Mr Spellcheck comes in handy, and after all when I make mistakes in blog posts, and usually that’s most of the time, people accept that you are only human just like them, and let it fly, sometimes they even point it out to guide you to the correction needed, or in my case they understand its only because im so passionate about what I write I get carried away!, sure!, at least that’s what I tell them;).