Blog Guide

This article is a blog guide on how you can make money online with your blog. In order to make money with blogs, you need to take the right steps ensuring that you have started your online business properly in the right way. Blogs are always arranged in chronological order from the latest one going on the top. Blogs are basically your ideas and thoughts and should be represented rightly. You need to make sure what you write is interesting, and you have immense knowledge about it. Here are a few simple steps in my blog guide for you to create your own blogs.

Tip 1

Firstly, decide whether you want to own your blog or let someone else run it for you. There are a lot of services out there willing to let you start your blogging services, but you can never own your domain name. This is why I prefer self web hosting. Other options include sites like WordPress and blogger which are free to sign up and you can start working instantly. However, it is better to self host as you own your own domain and can also increase your search engine optimization. Find a hosting company, sign up with them and go get yourself your own domain name. This is important if you’re serious about your online business.

Tip 2

Once, this is done, choose your domain name and a DNS service. You can search for domain names on various places. My suggestion is that you go to Google and start search for it yourself. There are also a number of free templates out there by which you can choose right options for your blogs. A server is also required to store your files, so again, find a good hosting company you want to use for your blog.

Tip 3

Third and last step is to install the WordPress software. It has a number of plugins for your use and also keeps updating itself to protect it against viruses. WordPress is by far the best blogging platform out there. Now, you are done with the installation, a screen with your email and password will pop up so you do not forget. Click on your log in URL to change the settings.

Make easy money by following these steps in my blog guide. Start the online business with the help of blogs, it insures that you gain popularity amongst the people out there.