A Simple 6-Step Blogging Guide

Are you thinking about promoting your information business through blogging? Then, let me tell you that you’ve made a wise decision as this is currently one of the most trusted content marketing solutions. Here’s a simple guide to help you get started right away.

First step is to decide on the blog platform that you’re going to use. Currently, there are several paid and free platforms available in the online arena. These include blogspot, WordPress, Drupal, Typepad, etc. Each platform has unique features and benefits. I suggest that you research them thoroughly and decide which one addresses your blogging needs. As much as possible, I would recommend the use of paid platforms as your access won’t be limited.

Next step is to select a domain name. You really need to think this through. You can’t just go with the first word or phrase that comes through your head. For best results, use something that is keyword-rich, highly descriptive, and easy to remember. Identify the buzzwords that are extremely popular in your niche and mix match them. If the one you’ve chosen has already been taken, see if the domain name is for sale and buy it. Believe me, it’s worth it.

Blog design. Next step is to design your own blog. This is much easier now that templates are already available on all platforms. But if you want your blog to look different and refreshingly unique, I’d say do not use these templates instead, use those step-by-step blog design guides available in the online arena. If you think that the job is too big for you, hire a blog designer to do the job. The important thing is here making your blog look extremely attractive, organized, and easy to navigate.

Widgets and plug-ins. Use your blog so your visitors can easily find your website, Facebook account, Twitter, etc. Install simple plug-ins where your visitors can easily find them. Then, subscribe to RSS related to your blog and links to related blogs. It is through this that you can make your blog a great source of valuable information which you exactly need to make it more enticing to visit.

Quality content. This is the most important step as your success will largely depend on the quality of your blog’s content. Each time you write, think of your readers and focus on how you can give them real value. Discuss their problems and using your in-depth knowledge, provide the most appropriate solutions. You can also list down their most frequent questions and provide the best answers. Ensure that your content is not only informative but entertaining and well-written too to give your visitors great reading and learning experience.

Enable conversation. Allow your visitors to post comments on each post that you create and make time to answer them so you can start conversation with these people. This is the first time to building relationship with them which can very well lead to a healthy business relationship. Use tools that can help you filter spam from legitimate questions.