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Blogging Guide Tips That Get You Results

There are many things you can do when you blog. But people have made many mistakes when they blog. So here are my top 8 Blogging Guide Tips to help you in your blogging journey.

1. My no.1 thing that bought me so much success with blogging is that I blog very often! In fact when I was free I can blog like 5 times a day. And I was surprised the number of traffic I can to my website.

But you if seriously have no time you can always blog at least once every 3 days. But in general the more you blog the more exposure you have for your blog.

2. Another guide I would suggest for new people is to ask people with high page rank to exchange links with you. This will help you a lot when Google index and rank your page. The more high page rank pages linked to you the chances of you getting rank high would be easier

3. Another one of my top Blogging Guide is people always forget to register with Do you know if you can rank high in you will always get traffic when you post something on your blog itself.

4. Here is another must do Blogging Guide which is to register your blog with If you haven’t done so.. please do.

5. Although I know a lot of people saying Blogger is easier to use and so, I still prefer WordPress compared to other interfaces. The main reason is because there are 3000 over free templates to download for FREE and 1,000+ plugins to enhance your blog which blogger does not have

But you will need to have your own webhost and register a domain which is not free =P But the wordpress is free to install =)

6. Another one of my great blogging guide is the discovery of exchange of links. You can go to Google search for link exchanges and exchange links with friends.

But you would want to only exchange links that are related to your trade dont any how change links with people. The more related they are the better it is.

7. Spend time to make your blog search engine friendly, this topic is not easy for beginners but if you really spend the time on it you will see results.

8. The most important of all the Blogging Guide is to always always STAY FOCUS. Do not the king of all trade of master of none.

Success Tips From Excellent Blogging Guides

When you start blogging you might find that it is difficult to start it and maintain it. Many people find this because it does take up a fair amount of time and there are tons, almost too many, different models and methods you can use to have a successful blog. Blogging guides also exist where people will give you advice and details about blogging – how to start, what to do, where to find the best money making possibilities etc. Well after searching the internet and looking at tons of ways to make blogging profitable, there are in fact many good ebooks around for you to start off your blogging venture.

Here are 3 sure-fire success tips excellent blogging guides will tell you.

1. Hand holding – With many other blogging guides, you will find that there is a lot of hyped up information and details that are a bit too complicated for newbie’s to handle. Well, there is some blogging guides which will hand hold you for every step you take. The eBook author, having discovered all the ins and outs of blogging and how to actually make a living from it, will share with you the dos and don’ts of blogging.

It is not just a hobby, as he will put it, but you must actually be passionate and committed to your blogging. You will need to post topics every few days and keep working to promote the site and encourage traffic through various forms that he describes.

2. Screen shots – What is so great about a good blogging guide is that everything is given to you exactly and there must be screen shots included so that you don’t get stuck at any point when you are going through the setting up of your blog and joining various websites. Tips and advice must be offered by the expert blogger and they include everything you need to know from setting everything up easily without making the same mistakes to making your first dollar.

In the guide, you should be given step by step instructions when you want to start making more money from your blog and when you want to drive more and more traffic to it. If the book promises that you, if you follow all the steps, will make about $2000 – $3000 every month, he will show you how in his guide. He will show how he does it with his blog which should be about a subject that he is interested in and everyone can do the same.

3. Starting off right – I feel a good blogging guide author should emphasize the key point are that you must choose to start a blog about something you are interested in and not just because you want to make money from it. You will need to target a market and make it very interesting and useful for people. If you enjoy what you are writing about and use the techniques and methods that he gives, you can easily do what he has done, and start earning big bucks from something that starts out as a fun sideline.

Why Do You Need a Blogging Guide

If you want to make money online and you don’t have enough money to own a website, then you should start with a blog. Many have been earning a living with blog when it was introduced.

But with the high frequency of blogs setting up everyday, how can you be sure that you can make money with blog?

The first thing you need is to invest in a blogging guide.

Why do you need a guide you ask?

For starter, having a guide helps you to stay ahead of the competition. You gain an upper hand against the bloggers who refuse to invest in a guide. A lot of blogging newbie thought they can figure the business out on their own. But by the time they knew what is the right way to make money with blog, bloggers who invested in a guide might already be earning their money in sleep.

Some of you might argue that you can use a free guide instead of paying for it.

In my personal opinion, free guide often act as a teaser for back-end products. It is not to say that authors are cheating you with free guide. But the information about successful blogging found in free blogging guide is usually limited.

A proper blogging guide is going to show you how to build a successful blog. Building a blog is as sophisticated as building a website. Everything you choose is going to impact your readers.

To start off with that, a guide is going to tell you which platform you should choose for your blog. Then, it will analyze with you the advantages and disadvantages of hosting your blog or just get one for free.

Never think that you can just simply choose a template and start posting with it. You need to take into account of your readers to build a successful blog. Do you know that readers are more likely to click on advertisements on their right hand side than their left? A blogging guide will tell you more about the things that you need to pay attention to when you want to make money with blog.

After that, a proper blogging guide is going to let you know how to promote your blog. It will show you the ways to submit your blog to RSS feeds, directories, blogging communities and more. All of this is going to generate lots of traffic to your blog and help you to build a successful blog.